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March on Stress Director lends support to Hostage UK

Added on the 12th September 2014

March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, has been announced this week as an official advisor to Hostage UK.

His new role with the kidnap and hostage charity will see him provide psychological support and advice to the families of people who have been taken hostage and to the individuals themselves after release.

Speaking about the role, Professor Greenberg said: “During my day to day work I frequently encounter individuals who have been touched by traumatic events. The effects of trauma can range from amazing resilience to the development of frank mental health disorders.

“Whilst it's easy to understand why being taken hostage may itself be traumatic, it may be less obvious how challenging it is for families to have to cope with the uncertainty and psychological and practical challenges of having a loved one taken hostage.

“I think that the work that Hostage UK does in supporting families during, and hopefully after, the release of a loved one as well as providing support and advice to ex-hostages themselves can be a lifeline and I am delighted to be able to help where I can."

Hostage UK is an independent charity that supports hostages and their families, during and after a kidnap. To find out more, please click here to visit their website.

To find out more about the services March on Stress provides regarding hostage situations, please click here.

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