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Dealing with the psychological dimensions of hostage situations


For organisations working in high-threat locations, March on Stress is able to assist should the unthinkable happen and a hostage situation occur.

Our services, which aim to deal with the psychological aspects of hostage repatriation, can be tailored to fit your needs. Each hostage taking incident has many unique elements and the March on Stress response will be bespoke depending on your requirements and the nature of the incident.

We have a good understanding of, and in many cases links with, organisations that are likely to be involved in the hostage release process. March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg is an advisor to respected charity Hostage UK where he assists in the support of families of those kidnapped or taken hostage.

Our specific services might include:

  • Supporting leaders: dealing with the response to a hostage taking incident can challenge even the most competent leaders.
  • Supporting families: who are likely to be highly concerned not just about their loved one’s safety, should they be taken hostage, but also about their mental health.
  • Supporting ex-hostages: at the point of release and as they transition back home and beyond.

The March on Stress Hostage Repatriation Service is provided by highly trained mental health professionals including consultant occupational psychiatrists and mental health nurses.

All March on Stress advice and interventions are based upon the best available evidence. Our staff have the relevant clinical expertise and experience to help organisations prepare for the release of those who have been detained and plan for an evidence-informed repatriation process. We can provide homecoming briefings, family briefings, ongoing assessment and, where needed, ensure clinical interventions of the very highest calibre.

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  • • We have clinical and trauma experts on hand to support your organisation
  • • The scientific evidence available suggests that during a crisis people do better if they are supported to stay well and resilient than they do by assuming that they will become ill
  • • Contact us for pricing and booking


  • • Our approach is in keeping with the UK’s National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) guidance on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which has “watchful waiting” as one of its central tenants. We provide a professional and discrete service to help organisations plan for homecoming, release and follow up.

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