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Here are some more members of the team that March on Stress is lucky enough to be able to call upon to enrich the training we offer.

Dean 'Pen' Penlington MBE

TRiM Practitioner and Trainer

Pen, as he is more commonly known, served over 32 years in the Royal Air Force as a member of the maritime patrol force. During this time he took part in many operations all around the world including overland. Having also been instrumental in fitting the aircraft for these tasks, Pen was an in-theatre subject matter expert and crew member during operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Following the introduction of TRiM to the Royal Air Force, Pen manoeuvred to the forefront of this welfare initiative and quickly established himself as the TRiM expert at a major RAF base. He went on to lead, instruct and coordinate personnel across Scotland in a number of high profile events. From his participation in one of the first ever RAF TRiM events, following the crash of a Tornado F3, he was the driving force behind the development of a well-trained organised series of teams, whose expertise is still being called upon today.

Pen was made a Member of the British Empire by Her Majesty the Queen in January 2012, partly in recognition of his work in Trauma Risk Management. He also received the Meritorious Service Medal in 2008, where the citation spoke of his excellence as an instructor.

Although now part of the RAuxAF, Pen left full-time service in June 2013 and now continues his work supporting people through traumatic stress by assisting introducing peer based support to industry. Having attained a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification, he is working towards the Certificate.

David (Dave) Harrison

TRiM Practitioner and Trainer

Dave Harrison served in the UK Armed Forces for 22 years during which time he deployed to a number of operational theatres worldwide, including several tours of Northern Ireland and Afghanistan.

Dave became a TRiM practitioner to provide support for his colleagues on deployment in Afghanistan in 2007, during which time he worked alongside the Afghan National Army. After a gruelling tour Dave returned home and found that he was exhibiting the signs and symptoms of a PTSR (post-traumatic stress reaction) in himself and courageously sought help which helped him get back on track.

Due to his experiences in Afghanistan, Dave volunteered to become an Army TRiM training team instructor in 2009. Between 2009 and 2012 he delivered practitioner and team leader courses to hundreds of British army personnel. As part of his role Dave delivered presentations on handling of human remains, grief reactions, active listening and a variety of associated mental health presentations. He was also instrumental in supporting the Army's stigma reduction programmes and he set up the TRiM website for the British army.

In 2011, Dave was part of a team which carried out a scientific survey into the mental health of UK forces deployed to Afghanistan; he and other members from the Academic Centre for Defence Mental Health surveyed around 1,500 deployed personnel.

Dave holds a Level 4 Certificate for Teaching in the Lifelong Learning Sector (CTTLs) and as a training associate for March on Stress has delivered training to a number of public and private organisations.

Tony Ramskill

TRiM Practitioner/Manager and Trainer

Tony is a retired police officer having served in Kent Police for 30 years, retiring in January 2014 as a Neighbourhood Policing Inspector in Gravesend. He enjoyed a predominantly uniformed career mainly in response policing and ten years with the dog section. During his tenure as a dog section sergeant he developed his interest in TRiM and became a Practitioner in 2004.

In 1999 Tony received an award for innovation from the Home Secretary for his research into the drink driving procedure at hospitals which had a significant influence in changing the law, allowing police to obtain blood samples from unconscious drivers. He was a trained Post Incident Manager in accordance with the Codes of Practice on the Police Use of Firearms & Less Lethal Weapons. He holds a Level 3 Award in Education & Training.

Tony has conducted several TRiM presentations here and in the Netherlands. He was integral in the early stages of TRiM being developed in Kent Police and latterly a valued member of the TRiM Executive Board. He was recognised for his commitment and dedication to TRiM upon retirement and for contributing to reduce the stigma of mental health within the police service.

Tony has been an Associate Trainer since April 2014. He has assisted with training for a number of organisations in the UK and abroad. He has practised as a TRiM practitioner with March on Stress as well as working to deliver high quality TRiM training.

Martin Lally

TRiM Practitioner/Manager and Trainer

Martin is a highly experienced TRiM professional. Outside of his excellent support to the March on Stress training team, Martin currently works with Greater Manchester Police.

Jon Gow

TRiM and StRaW Practitioner/Manager and Trainer

Jon Gow is a Mental Health, TRiM, StRaW and Health and Safety trainer and consultant for a range of organisations and sectors across the UK, delivering expert advice and training to ensure organisations address the stigma of mental health, develop a positive wellbeing culture, support their employee's mental health and remain legally compliant. He has been working with March on Stress since 2018.   

Jon is a former Army Warrant Officer with over 20 years of teaching experience and has been on operations all over the world, including Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. He has instructed and trained personnel at every level from the newest recruit to the CEO’s of multi-million-pound organisations. His expansive training capability includes adventurous training activities, sports, physical training, leadership, health and safety, Trauma Risk Management (TRiM), Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW) and a multitude of mental health training courses. Jon become a TRiM Practitioner in 2007 after completing one of the Army’s initial TRiM pilot courses in Afghanistan. 

He finished his career after 22 years' service as the senior instructor with the Army's TRiM Team in Sandhurst. The role involved the delivery of TRiM and mental health courses across the British Army to reduce stigma, increase awareness and enable the chain of command to manage potential traumatic events in order the reduce the psychological impact on soldiers and their families, to help prevent mental illnesses like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and acute stress disorder.  


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