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E-Health psychological monitoring (Wellness service)


Pyschological Monitoring (Wellness Service)

The March on Stress Wellness Service is an established and successful electronic psychological monitoring tool. It currently monitors the mental health of hundreds of personnel, operating worldwide. The Wellness Service identifies operational and traumatic stress issues by asking recipients to honestly complete a 'Wellness Survey' compiled by Professor Neil Greenberg, occupational, academic and forensic psychiatrist, based on validated survey tools and evidence-based measures. It can also be used to monitor for occupational mental health issues (see link below for Workplace Mental Health Monitoring).

The surveys are scored individually and confidential feedback is provided to each member of staff. Anyone identified as possibly benefiting from support or advice is given relevant information or offered a more detailed discussion (at which point this service dovetails into the Operational and Occupational Stress Advisory Service, OSAS).

The Wellness Service also provides a degree of moral and legal assurance for companies who predictably place their personnel in highly challenging environments. The March on Stress monitoring service will ensure that personnel are proactively checked upon regularly which may be a useful method of demonstrating ‘due diligence’ should personnel subsequently claim that the company did not make reasonable provisions to support their psychological health.

March on Stress can also provide client organisations with 'proof of engagement' documentation for employees covered by the psychological monitoring process if required.

The Wellness service can be provided on an 'individual pays' basis, or through corporate pay. For more details regarding the costs and options of the service, please contact us at

For individual Wellness registrations, please click here.



  • • The Wellness service is an electronic psychological monitoring tool
  • • The service can include access to OSAS (Operational and Occupational Stress Advisory Service) for additional support
  • • A letter of compliance (proof of engagement with the service) can be issued but the information provided by employees is strictly medical in confidence
  • • The Wellness Service can monitor employees for both operational and occupational stress


  • • Based upon the latest scientific research and evidence, overseen by Professor Neil Greenberg
  • • The Wellness service can help organisations to provide a legal duty of care to employees
  • • Tried and tested, the service currently monitors the mental health of hundreds of personnel, working all over the world

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