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Mental Health for Leaders: Awareness and Team Resilience


Designed by occupational and operational stress experts, this course helps leaders to understand the impact of mental health on both an organisation and individuals.

Depending on your organisation’s needs, this full day* workshop can be either trauma focussed or occupationally focussed (more day-to-day stressors) and gives leaders the time and space necessary to discuss and practice their approach to supporting their people psychologically.

Mental Health for Leaders helps to ensure that an organisation’s most influential personnel - its management - understand the potential impact of mental health issues, including potentially traumatic events (PTE) and how best to deal with the psychological aftermath.

Good leadership is a highly protective influence on mental health and this workshop ensures that managers are fully aware of the common mental health disorders they may come across, their signs and symptoms and what they can do to support their teams, encourage individuals to get the help they need and, indeed, look after their own mental health.

Through discussion, our expert trainers can cover some basic supportive strategies for leaders to use and also highlight the various support options available within a specific organisation and further afield.

The session includes:

  • Psychological Resilience (Organisational/Individual)
  • Common mental health disorders, their signs and symptoms
  • Consequences of mental health problems on the workforce
  • The impact of leadership on team cohesion/mental health
  • Health and Safety Executive view on work-related stress
  • Costs to the organisation of mental health problems
  • Stress at work – help seeking and stigma
  • Post-traumatic stress reactions
  • Support options
  • Managing your own and a team’s mental health after a crisis
  • Simple and practical interventions/tools to support staff
  • Problem solving
  • Cognitive Behavioural interventions: basic overview and simple tips
  • REACTMH® - developed by March on Stress mental health professionals, a tool to help people in need take the first step to the support they need
  • How to carry out a Post Event Team Review; and how to carry out a Post Event Managerial Interview (trauma version only)

*Ideally, a one day workshop, if you have leaders with less time to spare, our Operations Team will tailor a shorter to course to your specific needs.

For more information, or to discuss your needs, please contact us at



  • Target audience: Leaders/Managers
  • Maximum delegates: 12
  • Duration: One day - Ideally, a one-day workshop, if you have leaders with less time to spare, our Operations Team will tailor a shorter to course to your specific needs.


  • Designed by mental health professionals who routinely work with individuals affected by challenging situations.

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