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Trauma Risk Management for aviation personnel

Added on the 9th October 2014

At March on Stress, we work with a number of transport and travel clients and increasingly we are finding interest in our services from the airline industry.

There are many good reasons for airlines to be aware of the effects of traumatic stress, as evidenced by a range of research into this topic. For instance, findings have shown that “heightening anxiety in the wake of an airline disaster, terrorist attacks or terrorist threats increases anxiety for all airline passengers, and has a ripple effect on the crew. Psychological problems have been found in many survivors of air accidents (Lundin, 1995).”

Another study that directly addressed psychological reactions among flight crew to an accident suggested that commercial pilots suffer more stress than was previously thought in the aftermath of a major incident (Johnston & Kelly, 1988).

And, of course, airline staff may also encounter a range of other, non-fatal potentially traumatic incidents at work such as collisions; emergencies on board, near misses or assaults.

Professor Neil Greenberg, March on Stress Director, said: “The work we carry out – often with companies who employ staff in safety critical roles or work in potentially hazardous environments – helps to prevent, detect and treat issues of a psychological nature.

“These problems vary in nature but they can all impact on a member of staff’s ability to function effectively and safely while at work and, if left undetected, may even result in the loss of a well-trained member of staff.

“Psychological support, including peer-support programmes such as TRiM can mitigate the risks posed and ensure early intervention to ensure staff are signposted to help where it is needed.”

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