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Supporting the marine industry

Added on the 30th October 2014

A new article in The Maritime Executive focuses on the work being carried out by Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) to protect seafarers.

HRAS, led by Barrister David Hammond, is aiming to ensure that human rights apply at sea as equally as they do on land and is working to build the legal, political and humanitarian foundations needed to make this happen.

March on Stress is supporting Human Rights at Sea by working together to provide expert psychological support options to personnel in the maritime industry.

Professor Neil Greenberg, March on Stress Director, explains: “We recognise that whilst HRAS works to promote the fair and humane treatment of individuals who work as seafarers, unfortunately there will inevitably be times that mariner’s mental health will be adversely affected by their work.

“The important association between March on Stress and HRAS will help to build resilience for individuals and the maritime industry through the prevention, detection and treatment of occupational and operational stress, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).”

To read the article from The Maritime Executive in full, please, click here.

For more on Human Rights at Sea, please, click here.

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