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March on Stress News

IHS Maritime coverage for HRAS and March on Stress

Added on the 5th November 2014

Human Rights at Sea (HRAS) founder David Hammond features in a new interview with IHS Maritime.

In the feature, on the IHS 360 website, he talks about the work HRAS is involved in to ensure human rights at sea are in place in the same way as they are on land. This includes working together with March on Stress, with our role to support seafarers with psychological support as required.

To watch the interview in full, please click here.

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Keywords : Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW), TRiM training, PTSD Workplace Monitoring, Organisational Resilience

Description : March on Stress provide psychological counselling, ability to understand PTSD, and Trauma Management (TRiM)