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TRiM on the agenda at national fire and rescue conference

Added on the 14th November 2014

The National Fire and Rescue Service Trauma Conference begins today, Friday 14 November 2014.

The two-day conference take place at Chester race course and March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg has been invited to speak to delegates about Trauma Risk Management (TRiM).

TRiM is a trauma-focused peer support system. The TRiM model builds resilience by basing itself on keeping employees functioning after traumatic events, by providing support and education to those who require it.

Additionally, by training TRIM Practitioners at operational level throughout an organisation, TRiM aims to identify those who are not coping after potentially traumatising events and ensure they are signposted to professional sources of help.

TRiM benefits organisations working in high risk environments and is used by a number of fire services and other emergency service organisations in the UK, as well as in private industry across oil, gas, security and media.

Professor Greenberg said: “TRiM has been the subject of numerous scientific research projects which have validated that its use is associated with the maintenance of occupational function in the aftermath of traumatic events, decreases in post-incident sickness absence and improvements in post-incident social support.

"It has been shown to be a highly acceptable model of post-incident management for employees who experience work-related traumatic experiences."

For more details on TRiM and how it can benefit your organisation please contact us at

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