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Psychological resilience for the Cruise industry

Added on the 17th November 2014

A holiday on board a cruise liner is, in the majority of cases, luxurious and relaxing for passengers – made possible by the planning, innovation and hard work that goes on behind the scenes by the cruise operators and their crew.

In order to keep this crew operating at their full potential to provide this idyllic environment for their passengers and, importantly, to ensure a safe environment at sea, cruise companies should consider the possible effects of both traumatic and occupational stress on their staff.

Cruise line staff are likely to encounter a range of potentially traumatic incidents in the course of their work that could affect their mental health - from the disasters that hit the headlines to other potentially traumatic incidents at work such as medical emergencies on board, assaults or any number of ‘near-misses’.

Additionally, if common mental health issues associated with more ‘day-to-day’ work-related stress manifest themselves in those in such safety critical roles, consequences can at best be PR disasters or at worse endanger lives.

Through our Sustaining Resilience at Work (StRaW) programme, we provide the knowledge and skills required to detect those suffering the effects of workplace stress or trauma. Delegates are trained to spot the signs of psychological distress that might otherwise go unnoticed, enabling them to provide guidance and signposting and, where appropriate, begin basic intervention.

March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, said: “By managing work-related stress organisations can help to support their people and minimise risk.

“The StRaW programme provides skills and techniques for staff to spot signs of distress. Having stress management training or policies in place also helps to reduce the stigma of surrounding mental health which can so often be a barrier to an individual seeking help or support.

“Trauma Risk Management is another excellent and proven method of providing support to staff while also protecting your business.

“This works particularly well for organisations in ‘higher risk’ industries like cruising where traumatic incidents, for example the Cost Concordia tragedy, can and do occur.”

For more information about StRaW, TRiM or other psychological support options, please contact us at

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