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Professor Greenberg: Delivering psychological first aid through peer support

Added on the 27th November 2014

Professor Neil Greenberg is in Dublin today to speak to the Employee Assistance Professionals Association of Ireland, EAPA Ireland.

He will provide attendees with an evidence-based overview of how organisations can prevent, detect and treat mental health problems in order to minimise the effects they have upon their staff and business. This will include details of how organisations can deliver psychological first aid through peer support programs, and other important topics including pros and cons of mental health screening.

Professor Greenberg said: “Whilst only a minority of individuals exposed to traumatic stress and incidents are likely to develop mental health problems, including (but not limited to) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), the effects of trauma can be wide reaching.

“Traumatic incidents often put pressure on an affected organisation’s welfare or occupational health services and can affect overall morale. Furthermore, there is an abundance of evidence which suggests that many people who do not become clinically “ill” do suffer with sufficient post incident mental health symptoms that their ability to function in the workplace is substantially impaired.

“Therefore, even relatively low levels of post traumatic symptoms are important to detect and manage, and utilising psychological first aid through peer support is a significant way organisations can do this.”

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