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Psychological health - time to do more in the workplace?

Added on the 31st March 2015

We at March on Stress, along with the rest of the world, watched last week’s events in the Alps with sadness.

It further strengthened our long held conviction that anyone in a safety critical role – those who drive trucks; planes; trains or who carry weapons – need to be sufficiently monitored to ensure there is the opportunity to have any significant mental health issues detected at an early stage.

We believe our services work and that everyone deserves access to the right kind of psychological support in the workplace – particularly those routinely placed in harm’s way.

Our Wellness (psychological monitoring) Service is tried and tested by well over 1,000 employees of the security industry; oil & gas; frontline medical and emergency services.

We can’t say – nobody can as yet – what would have prevented last week’s tragedy. But did that co-pilot have access to wholly independent psychological monitoring? Would he have felt more comfortable completing a remote survey administrated confidentially by a third party than he would have disclosing any issues to a boss or his Occupational Health department?

What we CAN say is that the Wellness Service regularly picks up low level mental health issues – proving that at least some participants answer honestly about mental health symptoms.

Additionally, even in recent weeks, the service has detected more significant vulnerability and ensured the individuals did not deploy. We can’t predict what, if anything, was prevented but any risk was mitigated for the organisation and the individuals now have access to relevant advice, support and, if necessary, treatment.

All of our services – including the Wellness surveys – are based on the latest scientific evidence and research, developed by one of the leading experts in occupational and operational stress – Professor Neil Greenberg.

For example, the importance of good leadership and team cohesion is well evidenced as a determining factor in the development of post-trauma and work-related stress symptoms – we can help your all important line managers to become more aware of the issues and how to deal with them.

Does your organisation place people in safety critical roles?

Do they have real opportunities to disclose mental health issues?

Is your leadership ‘mental health aware’?

Should you do more?

What’s the worse that could happen if you don’t…?

To discuss with us further, please get in touch at or +44 (0) 2392 706929

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