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March on Stress News

Traumatic Stress Management guidance

Added on the 20th May 2015

Guidance for traumatic stress management is available to download now from the newly-revamped UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS) society website.

The guidance – which was first published in August 2014 – aims to assist organisations with trauma management.

The evidence-based information covers policy development, promoting psychological resilience, preventing the development of trauma-related mental health problems and treating/managing mental health problems.

Professor Neil Greenberg, President of UKPTS and Clinical Director of March on Stress, said: “Many organisations routinely expose their staff to traumatic situations but previously there has been no specific guidance available as to how these organisations should help their staff prepare for, and remain resilient after, exposure to these events.

“The useful information provided in the guidance has been well received so far and hopefully will continue to be helpful in improving the health and wellbeing of personnel who work in high threat environments.”

To access the guidance, please click here

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