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Psychological monitoring with the March on Stress Wellness service

Added on the 29th May 2015

The March on Stress Wellness service involves six monthly psychological health checks, carried out via an online questionnaire.

The process ensures that those who need support can be signposted to help and allows organisations to show due diligence through the provision of a ‘letter of compliance’ for individuals engaged in the service.

As well as the Wellness questionnaire every six months, Wellness registration includes access to our Operational Stress Advisory Service (OSAS). This means that Wellness customers who have any concerns of a psychological nature related to their work can contact us for support. Any contact we have is medical in confidence and we treat all information in the same confidential manner as a UK GP or family doctor would.

Professor Neil Greenberg, who oversees the Wellness service and ensures the content of questionnaires is in line with the most up to date psychological evidence and research, said: “In many industries a psychological health check is mandatory for employment. Through Wellness, we aim to provide an easy to use and quality process for those required to obtain this check.

“To further support our clients, we provide the OSAS service, with the aim of providing additional support in a confidential manner that is independent of an employer.

“Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to mental health support and through Wellness and OSAS we aim to reduce this by providing an opportunity for individuals to seek help if they require it.”

For more on the Wellness service, please contact us at

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