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New TRiM study shows positive results for railway workers

Added on the 19th October 2015

A new study has shown positive results for Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) training for railway workers.

The study, published by the Journal of Occupational Medicine in October 2015, saw participants complete a questionnaire prior to TRiM training and on two occasions afterwards to examine how views and attitudes changed as a result of the training.

Results from the study show that the railway workers surveyed felt able to recognise and discuss mental health symptoms with colleagues much better after attending the training – with some aspects of stigma significantly improved.

One of the authors of the King’s College London study was March on Stress Director, and President of the Psychological Trauma Society, Professor Neil Greenberg, a leading expert in trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Gavin Rogers, March on Stress Operations Director, said: “The results of this study clearly show potential long-term benefits for railway workers attending a TRiM course.

“The findings provide further encouraging evidence that TRiM training can have a lasting positive impact. Previous research carried out with military, diplomatic and emergency services personnel has shown that TRiM is a well-accepted supportive process which helps organisations manage the psychological impact of dealing with traumatic situations. This new research shows that where staff are working in potentially traumatic or ‘at risk’ roles, TRiM can help to reduce the stigma of mental health and improve help seeking.

“Together with other measures such as policy and leadership trauma awareness, TRiM can help organisations in supporting their people and getting help when needed, before sickness absence or long term mental health problems may arise.”

To access the research, please click here.

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