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March on Stress News

Peer support and resilience for medical professionals

Added on the 28th October 2015

Professor Neil Greenberg is in London today, Wednesday 28 October 2015, as part of a Maudsley learning event for medical professionals.

He will deliver a workshop on peer support and resilience for delegates as part of the event – which is aimed at better understanding the mental health of medical professionals.

Professor Greenberg said: “I’m looking forwarding to this event and discussing the important subject of mental health support for medical professionals.

“Working in a professional medical environment can be high pressure and clearly at times, traumatic. Good support for this important group can help to boost resilience in the workplace and identify mental health problems at an early stage, therefore enabling earlier access to treatment.”

Maudsley Learning support and provide world-class and accessible learning in mental health and wellbeing. For more information, please click here.

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