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TRiM and mental health videos

Added on the 21st January 2016

The following videos are now available to view on the March on Stress Website:

  • TRiM Risk Assessment (TRiM) Demonstration

The demo features March on Stress Clinical and Managing Director Professor Neil Greenberg, and Operations Director Gavin Rogers and was produced in partnership with the BBC.

It shows an example of the interview that takes place as part of the TRiM process, following an incident.

Through TRiM, Practitioners are trained to carry a risk assessment after an incident and again at a 28-day follow up. The process, which is a peer support model as approved by NICE (the National Institute of Health and Care Excellence), aims to identify a set of risk factors that may signify that the person is struggling to cope and then signpost them to additional support.

  • Professor Neil Greenberg explains PTSD

Professor Greenberg is one of the UK’s top experts on operational stress and PTSD. In this video link, again produced in partnership with the BBC, he talks in detail about post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) is a method of secondary PTSD (and other traumatic stress related mental health disorders) prevention.

  • Preventing mental health disorders (linked to military service)

Again featuring Professor Neil Greenberg, in this clip he talks about how to prevent mental health problems related to military service. As well as his March on Stress role, Professor Greenberg is Professor of Defence Mental Health at King’s College, London.

The videos are all available via our website, to access them please click here.

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