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Date announced for ‘Breaking Bad News’ workshop

Added on the 26th September 2016

It’s not something any of us would choose to do but, all too often, people around the world find themselves having to deliver terrible news to a colleague’s family or friends.

If you know that you may be in that position one day and you’d like to be prepared, then join us in London on Friday, 3 February 2017, when Professor Neil Greenberg will deliver a ‘Breaking Bad News’ workshop.

Professor Greenberg said: “The moment someone is told about a death of a close family member can be the most important – and traumatic - in their lives. The way this news is conveyed can significantly influence how an individual and/or family deal with the trauma in the longer term.

“It is important, therefore, that when any organisation needs to tell the next-of-kin about the death or serious injury of a colleague, this difficult task is undertaken as well as it can be. The task is often daunting and there are many possible conflicting demands with which the news breaker has to contend.

“The training aims to help those attending get to grips with the relevant issues before they might be called upon to face the task for real and, in that sense, it aims to make what will always be a daunting task that bit easier.”

The three and a half hour workshop is aimed at individuals who may have to co-ordinate the response to a serious incident and those who will be called upon to break the bad news themselves. Additional material is presented which is aimed at any organisational personnel who will continue to have ongoing contact with relatives.

For more details and booking please click here.

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