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New study identifies importance of building a resilient workforce outside of a crisis

Added on the 13th March 2017

Results of a systematic review*, examining how different occupational groups may be affected by disaster, have been released.

While the psychological impact of disasters has been well-documented; less attention has been paid to factors affecting the wellbeing of those exposed to disasters as occupational groups.

A group of academics, led by March on Stress Director Professor Neil Greenberg, undertook a systematic literature review identifying social and occupational factors affecting the wellbeing of disaster-exposed employees; to use these factors to identify recommendations for potential interventions.

Evidence from the study identified that It is important to build a resilient workforce outside of a crisis. It also identified that pre-disaster training in recognising signs of distress, understanding vulnerability factors (which may put certain employees at greater risk of distress) and how to support colleagues may be useful. The paper also recommended that further research into the effectiveness of post-disaster interventions is needed.

To access the full paper, please click here.

*Samantha K. Brooks, Rebecca Dunn, Richard AmlĂ´t, G. James Rubin & Neil Greenberg (2017): Social and occupational factors associated with psychological wellbeing among occupational groups affected by disaster: a systematic review, Journal of Mental Health,

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