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Coping in the aftermath of a terrorist incident – one month on

Added on the 27th June 2017

Just over a month on from the tragic events in Manchester and approaching a month to the London Bridge terror attacks, Professor Neil Greenberg discusses coping and help seeking after a terrorist incident.

Professor Greenberg said: “Most people benefit from access to good social support after a traumatic incident and in the past few weeks this support from friends, family, colleagues and others we trust will have been a huge benefit to those caught up in the tragic events, and indeed such support will continue to be important to those involved.

“It’s perfectly normal to experience traumatic symptoms in the immediate aftermath of an incident, and initial distress symptoms should ease with time.

“If a month or more after an incident, you are continuing to experience traumatic symptoms – perhaps increased anxiety, difficulty sleeping, using alcohol to cope – then it’s important at this point to seek professional help ideally from your GP, who will be able to recommend treatment or support as needed.”

As a reminder, the Royal College of Psychiatrists also has the following advice available:

Responding to large scale traumatic events and acts of terrorism

Information about trauma and children

Information about trauma and adults

Professor Neil Greenberg is an internationally renowned trauma expert who is a past President of the UK Psychological Trauma Society and Secretary of the European Society of Traumatic Stress Studies.

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