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Systematic review into Type Two Trauma

Added on the 14th September 2017

A new paper has been published examining the research into Type II trauma (TTT) in those who work with traumatised children.

A systematic review took place to identify risk factors for, and protective factors against, TTT-associated mental ill-health in employees working with traumatised children - and explore how this type of work impacts upon social functioning.

One of the academics involved in the study was Professor Neil Greenberg, who as well as his role as Director of March on Stress, is the Professor of Defence Mental Health working with King’s College London and an expert in trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The study recognised the importance of protective factors for those potentially exposed to TTT, including training and support, with Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) training referenced in the discussion: “TRiM training and proper education could prepare employees in at-risk occupations for the consequences of exposure to TTT in themselves and their peers and could therefore have an effect in reducing the prevalence and risk of PTSD-type disorders when this exposure occurs.”

To access the full paper, please click on the link below.

Factors associated with Type II trauma (TTT) in occupational groups working with traumatised children: a systematic review.

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Keywords : PTSD Recruitment Checks, Diagnosing and helping those with PTSD, Straw (Sustaining Resilience at Work), TRiM Workplace Monitoring

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