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Study shows improved help-seeking in TRiM-trained personnel

Added on the 1st November 2017

A new paper on Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) in deployed military personnel has been published – with results showing a clear impact of TRiM on help-seeking for mental health difficulties.

The study compared help seeking, mental disorder symptoms, and alcohol use between TRiM recipients and personnel experiencing similar operational deployment related events who did not receive TRiM.

Results showed that TRiM recipients were significantly more likely to seek help, including from mental health services, than a similar trauma-exposed group that did not receive TRiM. TRiM also appeared to lead to a reduction in traumatic stress symptoms, although not common mental health disorder symptoms, in the study sample.

One of the research team, from King’s College London, was Professor Neil Greenberg, March on Stress Managing Director.

Professor Greenberg said: “This is yet further peer-reviewed scientific evidence that TRiM is a credible and effective trauma support process for organisations that predictably place their staff in challenging situations. Unlike many other peer support systems, TRiM has been well researched with the findings published in peer reviewed scientific journals. TRiM is not the only evidence-based way to support trauma-exposed staff, but it is very well researched and understandably well used across the globe.”

To access the full paper, please click here.

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