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What is StRaW?

Added on the 22nd November 2017

You may have seen us tweeting about StRaW® dates – but what is StRaW you may ask.

StRaW is short for Sustaining Resilience at Work – it is a peer support system to detect and prevent occupational mental health issues and boost an organisation’s psychological resilience.

It was developed by the March on Stress expert team, including Professor Neil Greenberg in 2014, building on the solid evidence base of the TRiM (trauma risk management) peer support system. Since its introduction, StRaW training has been delivered to many public and private organisations – including the Home Office, News UK, Heathrow Airport and Welsh Water.

The training is ideal for busy workplace environments, it gives delegates an introduction to and understanding of common mental health issues and teaches them how to identify if someone may be experiencing significant psychological distress which would benefit from peer mentoring or, if severe, from professional support.

Professor Neil Greenberg explains: “As well as providing delegates with education and information, StRaW is an evidence-based peer support system which provides attendees with a checklist of 'what to look out for' in terms of detecting people who are functioning poorly at work.

“The StRaW process is based on up to date scientific knowledge about what causes workplace stress and builds on the successful TRiM process which itself was designed to detect stress related to traumatic events. The StRaW system provides a process which can be used by non-professionals within the workplace to detect stress and mental health related difficulties so that they can be effectively dealt with.

“StRaW training also provides attendees with a range of basic-level, evidence-based skills to allow them to provide effective support and mentoring in relation to mental health difficulties.

“The interventions that the StRaW course provides delegates with have already been used by a range of front line staff to support people who have traumatic stress-related mental health difficulties. When delivered as part of the StRaW course, the range of skills taught allow StRaW Practitioners to help shift people's mental health to a more positive state.

“Furthermore, one particular skill taught relates specifically to helping distressed individuals overcome their probable reluctance to take positive steps to improve their own psychological resilience, once again, a simplified evidence-based approach.”

StRaW Practitioner training takes place in London in February 2018, with the two-day course running 21st-22nd February. Spaces are limited, and the cost is £710 plus VAT per delegate (please contact us for details of public sector and charity discounts). For more information or bookings, please contact us.

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