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New TRiM dates open for bookings!

Added on the 8th November 2018

Book your place now on our upcoming TRiM training in London.

TRiM Practitioner training will take place on 29th and 30th January 2019 in London. The two-day TRiM Practitioner course enables delegates to understand why traumatic events need to be addressed by organisations, the potential pitfalls of post-incident psychological management, what makes an event psychologically traumatic and how to decide whether to implement a TRiM response and the appropriate timeframe in which to do so.

The training also equips delegates with key skills including identifying risk factors and behaviour changes that may require a referral for medical assessment.

TRiM Manager* training takes place on the 31st January-1st February 2019. This course provides the next level of TRiM training, with TRiM Managers taught to be able to plan effective psychological site management, carry out and lead TRiM risk assessment interviews, and oversee TRiM Practitioners including ‘refreshing’ them when necessary.

At March on Stress we also train TRiM Managers to be able to deliver TRiM and Trauma Awareness briefings within their organisation.

We believe our training is of the highest quality in terms of content, evidence-base and expert trainers. We also offer customised BTEC qualifications with our training, BTEC Level 3 for TRiM Practitioners and BTEC Level 5 for TRiM Managers. The BTEC can be achieved by completing an assignment after the training, with a series of questions all based on the content of the course. This is a great CPD opportunity in addition to attending the training.

You can book your place on our website here, or if you work for a charity or public sector organisation please get in touch for our reduced rates.

*TRiM Managers must first be trained as TRiM Practitioners.

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