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Further evidence for mental health at work training

Added on the 12th July 2019

Research out from the Society of Occupational Medicine has found workplace interventions can have positive implications for good mental health.

The recently published research, available here, examined delegates attending mental health at work training, assessing their views before, immediately after, and three months after their training.

Professor Neil Greenberg said: “It is good to see further research that shows that training in the workplace can have positive implications for good mental health. I’m also pleased to see from the training described and measures used, that our training offered here at March on Stress continues to be in line with established evidence.”

March on Stress offers mental health at work training, focusing on day-to-day occupational mental health issues, through StRaW® (Sustaining Resilience at Work) peer support training and through one-day workshops including Awareness and Action in Mind (AAIM) - suitable for all staff - and Leadership Awareness - for managers and leaders in an organisation.

In addition, specialist trauma training is offered through TRiM (Trauma Risk Management) training, as well as trauma-focused AAIM and leadership workshops.

To find out more on the training offered, please get in touch.

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Description : March on Stress can help your business recognise the symptoms of Trauma and PTSD, addressing them before they affect your people