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First scientific publication of StRaW just out

Added on the 23rd September 2019

A new study into StRaW has been published – with results showing positive effects for mental health in the workplace.

StRaW® (Sustaining Resilience at Work) is a peer support system designed to detect and prevent occupational mental health issues and boost an organisation’s psychological resilience.

StRaW was developed by March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, and colleagues, in 2014 and has since been implemented in a number of organisations, including Her Majesty’s Passport Office, the Home Office, Heathrow Airport, Hampshire Police and NHS Trusts.

The results from this new study, published on 20 September 2019 in the Workplace Health and Safety Journal, found positive effects of StRaW training on Practitioners’ ability to support colleagues and maintain their own psychological well-being. Results also indicated that peer support programs in the workplace may improve employees’ well-being and relationships between employees.

StRaW not only focuses specifically on mental health conditions and issues that are likely to affect the working population but is also unique in being designed as a comprehensive peer support system for use within high pressure organisations. It aims not only to educate and inform but also enables StRaW Practitioners to take action in order to bolster colleague’s resilience or empower them to seek professional help if needed.

Professor Neil Greenberg said: “StRaW follows the structure and process of the well-established Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) system. At March on Stress, our work is research based and it is great to see positive results in this study, backing up the solid evidence base upon which StRaW was first developed.

“All of the March on Stress team are immensely proud to be able to help organisations increase the discussion of mental health in the workplace. We firmly believe StRaW goes further than just educating people about mental health by enabling Practitioners to take clear and measured action to support colleagues who are experiencing tough times.”

To access the study, please click here.

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