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Prof Greenberg talks resilience tips and benefits of social connections as part of new toolkit

Added on the 2nd December 2019

A Social Connections Toolkit has been launched by Australian company icare – with expert input from March on Stress Director Professor Neil Greenberg.

icare delivers insurance and care services to businesses and communities in New South Wales in Australia. The new toolkit has been developed by icare to help people and organisations to understand and initiate positive social connections in the workplace.

The icare team explain that a socially-connected workplace “is a productive and safe workplace, and when we support social connections in the workplace and help form strong relationships with one another, it helps build a successful workforce”. They continue that “social connections are critical to physical health and cognitive functioning — we become physically and mentally healthier” – a view Professor Greenberg agrees with.

He features in a series of short of videos as part of the toolkit – highlighting the importance of peer support at work, the benefits of social connections and his five tips for resilience.

In the videos he explains why social connections are important, and how employers can create workplace environments that promote positive social connections.

You can access the toolkit and watch the videos on the icare website here.

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