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Vetlife Health Support – new study published

Added on the 18th February 2020

A study has been published into the Vetlife Health Support (VHS) service – a clinical service for the Veterinary community provided by March on Stress – with overwhelmingly positive results.

The service supports veterinary professionals as well as vet students and is funded by the charity Vetlife, as one element of the support they offer to the veterinary community.

March on Stress clinicians carry out a full clinical assessment with beneficiaries, with an appointment always offered within five working days. They offer ongoing support as required and help them to access NHS services. Indeed, the study showed that beneficiaries were significantly more likely to be in receipt of formal mental heath care after VHS than before.

Results also showed that 97% of respondents reported a positive experience with VHS, and beneficiaries experienced significant improvements in relationships with others after engaging with VHS.

Dr Karla Greenberg, Clinical Director of March on Stress, said: “We are delighted that the study shows the service is having a positive impact on the veterinary community.

“Evidence shows that veterinary professionals are at increased risk of suicide and mental health difficulties compared to the general population. It is a privilege to bring our expertise to Vetlife and to provide such an important service and one which means beneficiaries receive help and support in a timely manner, often bridging the gap created by lengthy NHS waiting times.

“Our team works extremely hard to provide an excellent service and although we regularly receive positive feedback, it is rewarding to see scientific research backing the service.”

The full study is available to view here.

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