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Study into resuscitation workers supportive of TRiM

Added on the 5th March 2020

A study into psychological trauma in resuscitation providers has shown support for early intervention methods, including Trauma Risk Management (TRiM).

For the research, workers from an emergency department, intensive care unit and acute medical care unit completed a 33-item questionnaire.

The study highlighted that the UKPTS (UK Psychological Trauma Society (UKPTS)) advises that team leaders exposed to trauma should be trained to identify and support staff exposed to traumatic incidents. It also noted that less than 1% of staff surveyed had TRiM support and 10% had probable PTSD, concluding that ‘this mismatch suggests that health care staff in this study lack exposure to TRiM-trained personnel’.

To access the full journal, please click here.

Please note, that ‘Debriefing’ as mentioned in the research does not appear to be psychological debriefing or trauma counselling (which evidence has shown can do harm) but rather a chance to talk the event through and is leader led – which is in keeping with TRiM.

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