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March on Stress News

March on Stress support and COVID 19

Added on the 30th March 2020

TRiM, StRaW and other mental health support during the Coronavirus pandemic

Update from Georgina Godden, March on Stress Business Development Director.

“This is an update to all our valued clients and contacts, to offer any support that we can in the coming difficult days, weeks and months.

“While we are unlikely to be able to offer any face-to-face services for the short term, we, like many others, suspect the need for mental health care and support is going to increase. To this end, following many enquiries from our clients, we are rapidly developing remote options for working with you.

“TRiM and StRaW® Practitioners will become even more essential to their organisations, as will leaders who understand and take care of employees’ psychological welfare. To this end, our Operations Director Gavin has been working on some guidance to support these individuals which we hope they will find helpful. We are in the process of sending this out to our contacts via organisational TRiM and StRaW leads but if you have not received it, and would like a copy, please get in touch.

“Should your TRiM and StRaW teams become overwhelmed with demand for their help, then we can bolster them. Our experts can do remote TRiM or StRaW risk assessments, using various software (e.g. Facetime/Skype/Zoom). Please let us know.

“Additionally, we are in the throes of developing online training – certainly awareness and refreshers and very likely full TRiM and StRaW training.”

If you would like to register your interest for some remote training then please email or

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