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Updates from March on Stress - TRiM risk factor update and type two trauma support

Added on the 14th April 2020

At March on Stress, we continually review and update our training and resources based on scientific evidence.

We have recently made a change to one of the TRiM risk factors, adding to it in line with new evidence.

We are contacting TRiM leads for organisations with in-date TRiM personnel to advise of the update, as well as individuals that have attended an all comers course in the past two years.

If you have not received the update via your TRiM lead, or from us directly, and you have been TRiM trained or refreshed by March on Stress in the past two years, please get in touch via

Additionally, quite a number of our clients have been asking, as TRiM Practitioners, how to have a TRiM chat with someone showing symptoms of psychological distress due to dealing with COVID-19 but not solely, even if there is not a one off single PTE (Type 1) – i.e. they may have become overwhelmed due to the effects of ongoing trauma (Type 2), rather than the one off incident.

Gavin (our Operations Director) has some really useful advice about how to approach this, concentrating in on the most relevant risk factors. He can offer hour-long Zoom (remote) sessions to go through this (plus answer some questions about moral injury etc) with up to 8 Practitioners at a time. If you think this would be useful, then please let us know, you can contact us at

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