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‘NHS workers will need help to manage the trauma of the pandemic’

Added on the 16th February 2021

March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, has penned an informative article on how NHS workers can be supported to manage the trauma of the Covid 19 pandemic.

In the piece – published on 15 February 2021 in The Conversation – he discusses some of the challenges faced by NHS workers during the pandemic, along with some of the evidence-based interventions that can support them, both now and into the future.

Professor Greenberg highlights that with the right support, NHS workers can be supported to manage the current and potential long-term effects of this difficult time. He said: “The pandemic is a tough time for everyone, in particular NHS staff. But there’s good reason to think with the right ongoing support, and the use of evidence-based approaches during recovery, this burden of ill health can be reduced as long as we take this seriously and plan for the time ahead.”

March on Stress is proud to work with many NHS Trusts in providing evidence-based training and support. For more details on how we can help, please contact

The full article can be accessed from The Conversation here.

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