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Moral injury discussed at Leaders in Healthcare conference

Added on the 10th November 2021

The Leaders in Healthcare conference took place in London yesterday, Tuesday 9 November 2021, with March on Stress Managing Director Professor Neil Greenberg joining an expert panel to discuss the important subject of moral injury.

Moral injury in healthcare workers has become a significant topic during the covid-19 pandemic.

Professor Greenberg said: “It was a privilege to be able to join a distinguished panel of presenters to speak about moral injury in healthcare workers. The session provided a wealth of complementary views on this important topic and there were many questions for all the panellists.

“The pandemic has challenged healthcare staff in so many ways including requiring them to carry out safety critical duties without necessarily the right equipment or sufficient staff at times. Many NHS staff will have found the moral challenges associated with carrying out their role difficult to deal with, including leaders who had to both respond to the ever-changing nature of the pandemic whilst also contending with the needs of their staff.

“All staff, no matter how senior, have the potential to be affected by moral injury and providing the right mental health support to staff is not only the right thing to do, it is also likely to improve patient outcomes.”

For further reading on moral injury, an article written by Professor Greenberg is available online at here.

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