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‘A strong support network is critical after being released from detention’

Added on the 12th December 2022

March on Stress Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, has discussed reintegration following detention in a recent New York Times article.

Professor Greenberg has worked on numerous cases involving detained people and hostages, including advising the British government on the repatriation of kidnapped individuals.

He was asked by the New York Times for his expertise, following the release from Russian detention of US citizen Brittney Griner.

Professor Greenberg said: “Every case and experience of detention is different. In the short term most people experience emotional swings after their release from detention and can expect trauma-like symptoms such as poor sleep and irritability. Those are signs of distress, not illness, in most case. If people have support and are able to return to their normal routines and reconnect socially, their detention eventually can become part of their past and a story to “tell around the campfire”.

“Support from friends, family and colleagues or teammates is typically a bigger factor than counselling and therapy in determining long-term mental health for formerly detained people.”

Read the article in full, here.

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