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Enhanced Coping Skills

Added on the 23rd May 2023

A new training workshop is now available, developed by March on Stress academic experts and clinicians, for organisations that want to equip their people with tools to use when faced with challenging situations.

Whereas much of the training March on Stress delivers focusses on supporting others, the Enhanced Coping Skills workshop focusses on what individuals can do for themselves to manage stress.

Many of us are exposed to extreme pressure from time to time which can be short-term (acute) or persistent (chronic). While most people deal with such pressure well, it has the potential to get to us and negatively affect our mental health. This bitesize training workshop – just 90 minutes long – covers three tried and tested methods of stress management, that the individuals can take away with them and practice in order that they are effective when they are faced with those tricky situations.

Georgina Godden, March on Stress Business Development Director, said: “Organisations have a responsibility to protect the mental wellbeing of their personnel; one way they can do this is to provide workers with training to develop, and enhance, their skills in stress management.

“Self-help is an important tool in any organisation’s mental health support strategy and, indeed, the provision of stress management training is one of the recommendations of the World Health Organisation’s Mental Health at Work Guidance which was published in September 2022.

“And while the Enhanced Coping Skills workshop isn’t a substitute for other psychologically supportive measures, like a peer support programme or active listening training for managers, it is an important piece of the jigsaw that is designed to be accessible as an ‘all staff’ offering.”

For more details about the training, please visit our Enhanced Coping Skills information page here.

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