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Workplace mental health screening for trauma-exposed workforces

Added on the 2nd October 2023

March on Stress Managing Director, Professor Neil Greenberg, has co-authored an editorial in the latest Occupational Medicine journal, exploring mental health screening for trauma-exposed workforces.

The piece looks at mental health screening protocols in organisations that routinely expose workers to intense psychosocial hazards.

The authors explore some of the nuances that exist in the area and identify that despite its widespread use, current evidence to support the effectiveness of formal mandated mental health screening in organisational settings is lacking. They highlight that if it is used, then screening should be part of a systemic approach to supporting workforce mental health that includes fostering an organisational culture that minimises disincentives for staff to engage honestly. They also note that screening could only work if it leads to timely access to evidence-based interventions.

Read the full article here.

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