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‘How we support the mental wellbeing of our response teams’ – TRiM article from ShelterBox

Added on the 24th May 2024

An excellent piece from UK charity ShelterBox describes how they use Trauma Risk Management (TRiM) to support their response teams.

ShelterBox works with disaster-affected communities to provide the emergency shelter, essential items and training needed to support families in the long process of rebuilding their lives.

March on Stress has proudly worked with the charity for a number of years to provide TRiM training to their personnel.

March on Stress Managing Director, and trauma expert, Professor Neil Greenberg, said: “TRiM keeps people functioning following a traumatic, or potentially traumatic, event and will detect early those who need further support, thereby increasing the likelihood of positive outcomes. It is great to read more about how ShelterBox is supporting its personnel through TRiM.

“For any organisation with people working in an environment where they could be exposed to potentially traumatic events, TRiM is a tried and tested, evidence-based intervention, which can absolutely help to ensure people are looked after.”

Read the full article, and more, on the ShelterBox website here.

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