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Working together to tackle mental health issues in the maritime security industry

Added on the 26th November 2012

March on Stress has been working closely with SAMI, the Security Association for the Maritime Industry, to tackle mental health problems affecting those working in the industry.

Professor Neil Greenberg, March on Stress founder and director, has been working with SAMI to raise awareness of psychological health issues across the industry and together they have launched new guidance on the development of operational stress managment policies for private maritime security companies (PMSCs). Download the guidance by clicking on this link:

SAMI is urging all the PMSCs among its membership to take reasonable steps to prevent mental health problems developing among their contractors - a move wholly supported by Professor Greenberg. He said: "We already work with a number of maritime security companies to prevent, detect and early treat operational stress issues among their contractors. These companies are leading the way but this type of psychological support is not yet industry standard. Guidelines, like the ones I have worked on with SAMI, will hopefully help other companies take the necessary steps to exercise their duty of care when it comes to the psychological wellbeing of their people."

Read more about March on Stress and SAMI's collaboration at or if you are a PMSC wanting advice on operational stress management issues then please don't hesitate to contact us at


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