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Professor Neil Greenberg makes case for more psychological support in oil and gas industry

Added on the 8th July 2013

Following a successful presentation at the recent Piper 25 conference in Aberdeen, Professor Neil Greenberg's views were the subject of the following article by the Scottish Express:

Professor Greenberg - occupational and academic psychiatrist and leading UK expert in operational stress, including post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) - talked about the necessity of psychological support for oil and gas workers deployed to far flung, isolated and sometimes dangerous locations. In the article, he draws comparisons with the military and their risk of exposure to traumtic incidents.

The Piper 25 conference was organised by Oil and Gas UK to mark the anniversary of the Piper Alpha disaster.

Alongside his directorship of March on Stress, Professor Neil Greenberg is a member of the Academic Centre for Defence Mental Health team at King's College, London.

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