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Higher rates of PTSD for military reservists

Added on the 4th October 2013

The importance of PTSD has been highlighted in a number of previous reports by King's College London. Recent news coverage about reservists and their mental health has been stimulated by the Government's planned increased in reservists.

The recent study of thousands of servicemen and women in Iraq and Afghanistan by King's College London found 6% of reservists suffered from PTSD compared with 3% in a control group. When studied again five years later, they were still found to have greater levels of PTSD and marital instability than regular soldiers.

Professor Neil Greenberg, of King's College, said: "The study highlights the importance of PTSD and the need to ensure that our reservists are provided with appropriate psychological support, both during their service and when they return to civilian life.

"There are measures that organisations can take to mitigate mental health risks, such as peer-support systems. Research shows that people that are exposed to trauma are often more likely to speak to a colleague in the first instance rather than seeking help from a mental health professional."

Follow this link to read more: PTSD in military reservists.  

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