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Annual ISTSS conference underway

Added on the 7th November 2013

The annual International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ISTSS) conference is underway in Philadelphia, with Professor Neil Greenberg of March on Stress featuring in this year’s programme. The conference is one of the key gatherings of trauma experts from around the globe.

Professor Greenberg, who is president-elect of the UK Psychological Trauma Society, will be presenting on the importance of leadership, cohesion and morale in preventing operational stress problems in personnel working in high threat places.

Managing trauma through a peer-support system, such as TRiM by March on Stress, is a proven, evidence-led approach to ensuring people are supported and signs of psychological distress are picked up at an early stage.

Professor Greenberg was instrumental in the development of TRiM while serving in the Royal Navy – and this approach is now widely and successfully used throughout the UK military, as well as in the private sector by security companies, media organisations and emergency services.

The role of leaders in supporting staff is also key, according to Professor Greenberg. He said: “Good leaders should equip themselves with the knowledge and tools to provide support to their people. This includes being prepared to support their staff in times of crisis and is therefore particularly important for organisations operating in high-threat locations.”

For more information on TRiM and Advanced Mentoring Skills for leaders please click here.

For more information about ISTSS, please click here.

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