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Study finds that UK troops 'remain healthy and resilient'

Added on the 27th February 2014

A new study by King's College London has found that despite 10 years of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, UK troops remain mentally healthy and more resilient that their US peers.

The study was published today by the King’s Centre for Military Health Research, with Professor Neil Greenberg, from March on Stress, the senior author of the study.

The findings provide early evidence that intervention strategies introduced by the UK Armed Forces have helped mitigate the impact of trauma.

However, the authors highlighted particular groups who are at greater risk of mental health problems – namely those deployed in a combat role, and Reservists – and warn that alcohol misuse and violence remain areas of concern.

The researchers reviewed 34 published studies, some going back 15 years, on the psychological impact of deployment to Iraq and Afghanistan on the UK Armed Forces. Where possible, they compared the research findings with those published on the mental health of US military personnel. The study is published in the Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps.

Professor Neil Greenberg said: “Not since the Vietnam War has there been so much research directed towards the mental health of service personnel. It remains to be seen what the longer term psychological impact of serving in Iraq or Afghanistan will be, and what social and healthcare services might be required for this small, but important group of veterans who are at highest risk of mental health problems.”

For the full news release and paper reference, please click here.

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