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TRiM Refresher training


TRiM Practitioner Refresher training

It is important that after completing their initial training, TRiM Practitioners are refreshed and kept up to date with TRiM practices to enable them to continue to be able to identify those who are having difficulty coping and ensure they are signposted to professional sources of help.

TRiM Standards state that in order to remain 'in date' Practitioners should carry out refresher training every two years – or every year if they carry out less than three risk assessments in a year.

TRiM by March on Stress Refresher Training will ensure your TRiM Practitioners are brought up to date and also allows the opportunity to look at how TRiM is working in your organisation, combining your feedback with professional advice from our TRiM experts to ensure it is embedded to maximum benefit.

The day-long refresher course will refresh the key principles of TRiM, using a skills-based approach delivered by experienced TRiM experts who have routinely worked with individuals affected by traumatic incidents.

For more information and to book refresher training, please contact us at

In-house refresher training

As a trained TRiM Manager, you can also 'refresh' your practitioners in-house. To do this, you'll need to be 'in date' as a TRiM Manager.

If you have attended one of our TRiM Managers' courses in the past two years, you can contact us for a Refresher training powerpoint presentation to assist you when carrying out refresher training for your practitioners.

TRiM Manager Refresher training

As a TRiM Manager you should remain 'in date' by ensuring you undertake Manager Refresher training every two years. Just like the training provided for Practitioners, our TRiM Manager Refresher training will ensure your skills are up to date to ensure you are prepared to manage a TRiM response.

Manager Refresher training is typically a one-day course. Contact us for more details and pricing.

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  • • Following your initial training, you should be refreshed every two years to ensure you remain ‘in date’ as a TRiM Practitioner or Manager
  • • Practitioner Refresher course duration: One day.
  • • Contact us for pricing and booking


  • • Our TRiM standards are adhered to by a number of leading TRiM organisations, including the UK military
  • • Practitioners are given the opportunity to carry out practical exercises , under the supervision and guidance of TRiM experts
  • • We can provide support and materials to assist TRiM Managers in carrying out in-house Refresher training

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