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As the UK's leading provider of TRiM training, March on Stress is delighted to be able to offer TRiM Practitioners and Managers the opportunity to complete a nationally recognised BTEC qualification in Trauma Risk Management.

TRiM Practitioner course delegates can undertake the BTEC Level 3 award and TRiM Manager course delegates can undertake the BTEC Level 5 award.

If you have completed both a TRiM Practitioner and Managers Course then you may undertake the Level 5 without first completing the Level 3 qualification.


Any person who has successfully completed a March on Stress TRiM course, or equivalent TRiM Practitioners or TRiM Managers/Leaders course run by the UK Armed Forces, within the last two years is eligible to take part in the March on Stress BTEC programme. If you have been trained by any other instructor please get in touch with us about whether you are eligible for the BTEC assessment and award.

Proof of attendance may be required by way of a scanned copy of your course certificate. If you have any queries regarding eligibility please contact us at


Delegates attending March on Stress courses which include the BTEC as standard (the majority of our courses) will be registered on our BTEC system upon completion of your course. If you are paying to undertake the BTEC qualification, separately to the cost of the TRiM course, you will receive a link via email to make the payment online and then be directed to download and begin your assignment.

If you are interested in undertaking the BTEC qualification but have not yet been registered, please contact us at


BTEC Level 3: £195.00 plus VAT

BTEC Level 5: £285.00 plus VAT

Payment is usually completed online through our secure BTEC site, although you can contact us for alternative payment details.


The qualification is achieved through the completion of an assignment undertaken after your TRiM course. It is designed to test and put into practice the information and skills learnt on the course.

If you successfully pass the assignment, you will receive a certificate from the awarding exam body to certify your BTEC qualification.


As mentioned under eligibility, personnel who have successfully completed Armed Forces TRiM training, within the last two years, are eligible to take part in the March on Stress BTEC programme.

Here’s what one of our recent BTEC students from the UK Armed Forces had to say about his experience:

“The March on Stress staff were totally professional when I discussed their TRiM BTEC programme with them. They offered me advice and guidance on the BTEC to ensure that I was aware of subtle differences between my military training and the March on Stress training. I would strongly encourage those that are military TRiM trained to consider applying to undertake a March on Stress TRiM BTEC. After all, you have trained hard, why not achieve some formal recognition for your knowledge and training. Not to mention, if you have access to Standard Learning Credits, the MoD will pay for most of the award*.”


Si Brodie, Squadron Leader, TRiM Instructor

*Please note, March on Stress cannot accept direct payment via Standard Learning Credits, for eligibility details regarding use of Standard Learning Credits please contact your local MoD team.

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  • • You can undertake the BTEC if you have completed TRiM training in the past two years (see 'eligibility' for more details)
  • • We offer two levels of BTEC – Level 3 for TRiM Practitioners and Level 5 for TRiM Managers

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