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Breaking Bad News


The moment someone is told about a death of a close family member can be the most important – and traumatic - in their lives. The way this news is conveyed can significantly influence how an individual and/or family deal with the trauma in the longer term.

It is important, therefore, that when any organisation needs to tell the next-of-kin about the death or serious injury of a colleague, this difficult task is undertaken as well as it can be. The task is often daunting and there are many possible conflicting demands with which the news breaker has to contend.

Additionally, any organisational representatives who provide ongoing support to the relatives have distinct challenges to overcome.

The March on Stress Breaking Bad News course gives practical advice and guidance to those who find themselves having to deliver such news. The half-day's presentation/workshop is aimed at individuals who may have to co-ordinate the response to a serious incident and those who will be called upon to break the bad news themselves. Additional material is presented which is aimed at any organisational personnel who will continue to have ongoing contact with relatives.

The training aims to help those attending get to grips with the relevant issues before they might be called upon to face the task for real and, in that sense, it aims to make what will always be a daunting task that bit easier.

March on Stress recommends this course to HR teams and those in management roles working for organisations that routinely place their personnel in harm's way



  • • Breaking Bad News is a half-day course for up to 20 delegates at your organisation, or join us on an all comers workshop (please see course dates page for details)
  • • The course is recommended to HR teams and those in management roles
  • • Contact us for pricing and booking


  • • The course content was devised by Professor Neil Greenberg, leading trauma and PTSD expert
  • • Our trainers and associates are highly experienced trauma experts

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