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Why March on Stress?


In simple terms, the psychological support provided by March on Stress for your people will help to safeguard them and protect your business in four key ways:


Psychological support evidences a duty of care to an organisation’s personnel, whether deployed to dangerous parts of the world, in high risk roles or simply battling every day stressors in high pressure working environments. In terms of safety critical roles (whereby both operational and occupational stressors can have a disastrous impact on ability to function) it also demonstrates a duty of care to the wider public. (Significantly for some organisations, establishing psychological support processes may mean compliance with local, national or international industry standards, policies or codes of conduct.) In addition psychological support demonstrates due diligence should the unthinkable happen and an armed contractor/employee in a safety-critical role with mental health issues cause harm to themselves or innocent bystanders.


There is now ample evidence that people who are exposed to work related stress are likely to be less effective at work, more likely to be absent from work and to suffer poor mental health. A 2007 report noted that impaired work efficiency, as a result of mental disorders, costs the UK alone £15.1 billion a year, with mental-health-related absenteeism costing an additional £8.4 billion annually.


The welfare of your most precious asset – your people – is paramount to the success of your business. Taking care of your staff not only engenders loyalty and productivity but also reduces absenteeism and staff turnover (and therefore reduces the costs of sickness/absence management; training new recruits and recruitment itself).


When the media descends following a traumatic incident that is beyond your control, your organisation's reputation will depend on whether you were prepared, how you react and what quality measures you put in place beforehand to look after your people in the aftermath.

Similarly, for high pressure working environments, demonstrating a commitment to the psychological health of your employees can help to maintain and even enhance organisational reputation.


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