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Workplace mental health monitoring


Workplace mental health monitoring for occupational stress

As well as identifying traumatic stress, the Wellness Service can be tailored to meet the needs of an organisation in identifying any occupational stress issues in employees.

The survey questions and frequency are adapted to suit the requirements of the organisation. For example, where organisations are involved in intense projects for a short period of time, occupational stress can be a risk. Psychological monitoring can be undertaken at the start of the project, followed by shorter 'check ins' at regular intervals throughout the project.

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  • • The Wellness service is an electronic psychological monitoring tool
  • • The service can include access to OSAS (Operational and Occupational Stress Advisory Service) for additional support
  • • A letter of compliance (proof of engagement with the service) can be issued to employees but the information provided by employees is strictly medical in confidence


  • • Based upon the latest scientific research and evidence, overseen by Professor Neil Greenberg
  • • The Wellness service can help organisations to provide a legal duty of care to employees
  • • Tried and tested, the service currently monitors the mental health of hundreds of personnel, working all over the world

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