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Reflective Practice


Reflective Practice sessions provide an opportunity for teams that have been undertaking highly challenging work to reflect on what they, and their colleagues, have been doing and the psychological and emotional impact of the work on both individuals and the teams they work in.

March on Stress will work with your leaders during a 4-hour workshop to enable them to facilitate the sessions, using evidence-based methods, that are tried and tested elements of successful peer support.

Reflective Practice sessions aim to be a safe, honest and enlightening environment where staff can talk about difficult topics such as their perception of ‘not having done the right thing’ or feeling let down by others or similarly difficult topics.

They are not an opportunity to blame team members or identify sub-standard work; rather they aim to help attendees form an understanding of their recent experience which makes sense in order to help them 'process' their experience and move on.

Staff coming along to a session should be prepared to be open and frank about their experiences and supportive towards others as they speak about their experiences too.

Reflective Practice sessions may be particularly useful within organisations whose staff are at risk of moral injuries including healthcare, social care and emergency services staff. They are also a useful tool during prolonged periods of crisis.

If you would like more details about the workshops and whether they may be suitable for your organisation, please get in touch with us at

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  • The Reflective Practice workshop usually lasts around 4 hours.
  • The workshop is suitable for team leaders and supervisors.
  • The workshop will enable attendees to be able to facilitate a Reflective Practice session.


  • The training session draws on published evidence and years of experience of providing successful peer support and mental health training to a wide range of organisations.


  • 'The training was very informative, I appreciated the examples of what to say, how to ask questions etc.'
  • 'Very thorough and enjoyed how it covered all aspects including how to handle difficult situations.'
  • 'I gained knowledge to be able to go and deliver this support to other colleagues within the Trust. '

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