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Mental Health in the Workplace: Awareness and Action


This workshop has been designed by mental health professionals to address either occupational or operational (traumatic) stress in the workplace, depending on our clients’ needs. Mental Health in the Workplace (formerly known as AAIM) gives delegates the AWARENESS they need to understand mental health disorders and their symptoms and some simple tools to take ACTION to build their own resilience, as well as supporting others.

Course content

Split into two sections, the AWARENESS section of the day covers:

  • Psychological Resilience (Organisational/Individual)
  • Common mental health disorders e.g. depression, anxiety
  • Their signs and symptoms and how to spot them
  • Consequences of mental health problems
  • Stress at work – help seeking and stigma
  • Managing your own mental health
  • Post-traumatic stress reactions
  • Support options

The second section gives delegates practical tools to take ACTION and administer psychological first aid. It includes:

  • Simple and practical interventions/tools to support colleagues and self
  • Problem solving
  • Cognitive Behavioural interventions: basic overview and simple tips
  • REACTMH® - developed by March on Stress mental health professionals, a tool to help people in need take the first step to the support they need

Who should come along?

This one-day workshop is ideal for all staff who may be exposed to ongoing workplace stress or trauma – from day-to-day pressures of work; isolated or remote working; to exposure to potentially traumatic incidents.

It not only provides the knowledge and tools to enable colleagues to help others in psychological distress; it also en­courages self-awareness and self-help.

Expert trainers will help delegates to:

  • Understand what stigma is and how it prevents help seeking
  • Encourage those individuals who need help but are reluctant to seek it to access professional support through the use of motivational enhancement techniques
  • Develop a thorough understanding of a range of stress reductions techniques and know how to assist distressed colleagues to use them
  • Learn basic mental health interventions to deliver psychological first aid

For more information, or to discuss your needs, please contact us at



  • Target audience: All staff
  • Maximum delegates: 20
  • Duration: 1 day - The course can be tailored to fit your specific organisational requirements, including a half day option being available; please contact us for details and to discuss.


  • Designed by mental health professionals who routinely work with individuals affected by challenging situations.

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