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March on Stress Clinical Services is made up of a team of professionals: psychiatrists; mental health nurses; and therapists who have years of experience working in mental health and believe that everyone should have access to the right mental health sup­port in their workplace. Their recommendations and any treatment will be based on what has been proven to be successful, backed up by the latest evidence and research.

March on Stress Clinical Services can deliver support to organisations big or small, in the following ways:

  • Clinical contract. We have experience of delivering our service to large numbers of people within an organisation. Referrals are offered either a face-to-face or remote full clinical assessment (depending on the agreement) from a mental health professional within five working days. This is followed by advice and care management. If necessary, we organise therapy, which is charged additionally, with organisational approval, as prices vary depending on type, location and duration. A clinical contract guarantees our staff are on hand to deliver occupationally focussed mental health care to your people as they need it.
  • Central Clinics. We can run regular Mental Health Clinics at a location of your choosing (e.g. once a month) for a specified length (e.g. one or two days). Our clinicians can offer on site assessment and ongoing care management. We can also consult with managers to help ensure their approach dovetails with the clinical care we arrange.
  • Ad hoc support. For smaller organisations, or those with less occupational mental health risk, we can offer an ad hoc Clinical Contract. This approach often suits organisations with unpredictable clinical needs. We can offer an assessment and management service working without either party being tied to a particular contract or timeframe.

How will March on Stress help our people?

Following initial contact, our experts may:

  • Offer health and lifestyle advice with supporting literature if appropriate;
  • Recommend a course of evidence-based therapy, which the team will help to organise;
  • Recommend referral for external private or NHS support which, once again, the team will help an individual to access.

Whatever the recommended course of action you decide to take, March on Stress Clinical will support and guide you through it.

What are the benefits to your organisation?

Exercising your duty of care and ensuring your people have access to the right, evidence-based mental health care in the workplace will have benefits for your organisation legally, economically, morally and reputationally.

Contact us to discuss your needs:



  • • Face-to-face or remote access (via Skype or similar) options available
  • • Our team includes a range of consultant psychiatrists, clinical psychologists and mental health nurses with vast clinical experience


  • • Specific expertise in traumatic stress management and occupational mental health
  • • Led by Professor Neil Greenberg, Former Head of Royal Navy Psychiatry and Defence Professor of Mental Health.
  • • Leaders in Traumatic Stress and PTSD research as well as provision and commissioning of evidence based treatments

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